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The Champagne house Arnaud Beaufort et Fils at Trépail

A family history

Founded 9 generations ago, this Family house initially called Claude Beaufort et Fils, and more recently renamed - Arnaud Beaufort et Fils - has remained faithful to the Champagne wine growing traditions. Our estate, located in Trépail, on the South-East slope of the Moutain of Reims (Montagne de Reims), is a vineyard ranked as Premier Cru.

Thanks to a know-how transmitted from father to son, Arnaud has passionately developed this champagne of exceptional quality. The vineyards stretch on a surface of 5.60 hectares with a grape planting of 90% of Chardonnay and 10% of Pinot Noir. The integrated grape growing method is used in the vineyards, for a better respect of the environment, moreover by combining modernity and respect of tradition is our way to try and make progress on the vineyards in accordance with the seasons.

After several years ageing in our cellars at Trépail, the bottles that were sleeping in the dark will unveil their secrets....

From one year to another, the house Arnaud Beaufort et Fils has crafted a champagne with a selective style: a complete range of wines to make your desires come true on each occasion and to meet all the expectations.

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Myriam and Arnauid toasting

Our cuvées

For 9 generations, we have had the heart to transmit our love for of the vine and the wine by elaborating a champagne which will perpetuate its name in time. Each of our vintages is elaborated with passion and know-how to express the best of its terroir. Discover a palette of aromas that will seduce you on all occasions.

Reflection of light in a bottle

The Beaufort name

The Beaufort family is probably the oldest of which there are still descendants currently in the Trépail village.

One already found the name of Beaufort on the records of the parish (former civil status) in 1591!
And it's one Beaufort Georges who, as trustee, signed the list of grievances of the residents of Trépail General States of 1789.

Over the centuries, not all Beaufort were winemakers. On the other hand, they are continuously for 9 generations of the nineteenth century to today.